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 Dear Friends, while we are still in camp mode, it is time to make plans for a new school year.

The “new normal” brought a lot of changes and some re-organizational issues that we would like to share with you.

Bright Start Educational Center:

Nursery class (1 - 2 years old ), Preschool class (2-3 years old) and Pre-K -3 will continue at 4-24 Saddle River Rd, Pre - K -4 and Kindergarten - at 9-10 Saddle River Rd. 


 This year we see our after school enrichment program more so as a secondary education program, rather than after school care. Most of our students have spent last year on hybrid or online schooling, and even those who happened to be on “in-person” programs experienced multiple quaranteens and other interruptions due to COVID-19.

 We strongly believe that All Bright can help students to regain academic stability and  personal confidence. We all miss the creative ambience, social coziness and academic advances that were known as All Bright for nearly 20 years and hope to restore it all after almost a year and a half of suboptimal life.

 However, due to various rules our enrollment will be limited to 25-30 students only. All You Can Learn package will include: Math and logic, Russian (grammar and speech development), Art, Dance, Fun Science, Theater, Jewish Culture and Traditions, Homework assistance and complimentary Cozy Corner Club 6-7 PM.

 Hot meal plan (optional) will be provided by Taste of Home. Transportation providers are not finalized yet, but transport will be available from Radburn school; Milnes students will be picked up by our stuff and walk (it takes less time than waiting for the bus, in case of bad weather transportation will be provided), all other schools will be considered for transportation based on number of students enrolled. 

Evening classes: Math, Russian, Dance, Art will be available in group or private setting

Russian Saturday School - all levels for students 2,5 - 14 years old featuring Russian Grammar, Literature, Speech Development, Math/Logic, Dance, Arts. 

Winner of multiple International and National Competitions Dance Studio “DEBUT ABC” - dates of auditions will be announced later.

 Please contact us ASAP via if you would like to enroll or re -enroll your child/children. 










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