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Dear Friends!
All Bright Center invites you and your children to our Annual Winter Holidays Festival!

Игры, танцы, фокусы, подарки вместе с Дедом Морозом, Снегурочкой и сказочными гостями: Машей и Медведем

The Event will take place

on December 23rd at 6:30 PM at St.Leon Armenian Church

12-61 Saddle River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Tickets are available at ABC office



Have you ever dream about a time machine that can bring you to the past?


Camp “EXPLORE!” by All Bright Club offers children in grades one through seven a highly interactive summer experience designed around the history of Ancient Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe and the Renaissance.

Campers will be immersed in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, and get to experience all the risks and adventures of the Époque Medieval Knights and Kings. They will take part in the great cultural rise of Renaissance, and study the skills that were necessary for daily survival in past times while having fun making and wearing costumes of the time period.

Travel in time will be led by experienced educators, reenactors, professional artists and counselors, all dedicated to providing an enriching and unique experience.

Journey will begin on June 26th and  continue

until July 21st 2017.


Reserve your tickets soon,

Time Machine has very limited capacity!


Camp is open Monday to Friday from 7AM to 7PM (will be closed July4th)

Prices include:all trips, swimming sessions, breakfast, lunch, snacks and ice cream, costumes, and art supplies.

Session "Ancient Creece and Rome" - $850 (June 26 - July 7)

Session "Medieval Times and Renaissance" - $900 (July 10 - July 21)

Sibling discount - 10%

10% Early Bird Discount is available until 12/23/16






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