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We are offering the following tuition plan options :

Plan A


A discount 5% is offered off annual tuition.

Plan B


Three equal payments due September 1, December 1st and March 1st.  

Plan C


10 equal monthly payments beginning in September and ending in June. Available only for students enrolled for All You Can Learn program (3 days a week minimum)

Fees are based on an annual enrollment contract.  Upon enrollment, a non-refundable fee, equal to one month’s tuition, will be held by the Center as a security deposit. It may be credited towards the last month’s tuition.  In case of a cancelation of enrollment, the security deposit will be refunded only, if a written notice is provided one month in advance.  No refunds will be made for current semester payments and in case of cancellation before beginning of the school year.  Please note: Deposits may not be used for the month of May.

 Cancelations or any changes of enrollment are only accepted in writing and not less than two months in advance.   

 Since Center expenses continue and space is reserved whether or not your child is in attendance, no refund of money will be made for

 absences. Vacations are not credited during the school year.

Tuition adjustment will be made based on actual start date. Full academic year includes 37 sessions of each subject and 2 makeup classes.

For students participating in more than four programs special package prices are available.
Discounts for siblings are also available.

Unless indicated otherwise, all prices in the following table are per Academic Year





Please contact us for package discounts.
*All Bright Center, LLC reserves the right to change the prices at any time.

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